The CAO Group, Inc offers design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of dental, veterinary, forensic, and solid state lighting products. CAO Lighting is headquartered in West Jordan, Utah with research, development, and manufacturing facilities in both West Jordan, Utah and Langfang (Beijing) China. All the facilities are FDA registered and ISO 9000/EN 13485 certified.

Every product produced by CAO is from its own innovation. CAO has more than 60 issued and 80 pending US and international patents to cover the technologies in the engaged business. Our advanced technology, high quality, superior service, and competitive price are enabling our products to be easier to use, faster to apply, and better than products in class.

About the Company

CAO Lighting, Inc. is a former lighting division of CAO Group, Inc. CAO Lighting has been offering LED lighting products and solutions since 2004. CAO Lighting is an innovation leader and has created many fundamental technologies in LED lighting. These include the 360 degrees LED lighting beam, methods to build LED light sources and an all weatherproof channel lighting system. Our advanced technology, high quality, superior service, and competitive price are enabling our products to serve our customers in the highest satisfaction.

Technology and Product

Our LED brands LuxemBright® and Dynasty®  provide energy-saving solid-state lighting solutions to signage and commercial lighting applications.


LuxemBright® LED Signage systems provide sign owners with the best-in-class value LED lighting solutions. Its potted and rugged design, with the addition of through-hole, LED lamps, makes the LuxemBright LEDs usable outdoors in any harsh weather environment. The system offers different configurations for complete solutions for all types of signage lighting.


Dynasty® LED Lighting products to provide commercial, retail, and general lighting applications. The energy savings and long life advantages are through our extensive LED product family. Dynasty LED is the only packaged LED light source to offer a 360-degree beam and removable base. Our signature product, the Dynasty Candelabra lamp, offers the same look and efficacy as traditional incandescent candelabras. However, our product only uses a little more than 3 watts of electricity. Our Dynasty lamp series can directly replace existing incandescent and compact fluorescence to have the same efficacy but saves more than 60% of energy.

CAO Lighting also offers customized solutions. We provide the design, development, and manufacturing in-house for customized solutions with a quick turn around and competitive price.

Our Commitments

CAO Lighting guarantees the highest product and customer satisfaction.

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