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The Dynasty Z Candelabra LED Lamp is an extension of Dynasty Candelabra series with improved performance. Designed for a 120 or 240 VAC power system to replace traditional incandescent candelabras without compromising the looks and efficacy.They can be installed into any standard E12 or E14 socket. They are designed with CAO Group’s patented Dynasty Z High Flux LEDs, which are energy efficient, vibration resistant and features a multi-directional beam pattern, making it ideal for general lighting and decorative lighting applications.


Carriage Lights

Wall Sconces

Vanity Lights

Up to 90% Energy Cost Savings

Low Carbon Footprint

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Environmentally Safe, RoHS Compliant

The Same Look as Incandescent with Unique Omnidirectional Beam

Vibration Resistant

Equivalent to 25 Watt Incandescent Lamp

120/240 VAC Input

Exact BA10 Footprint/Shape

UL and Lighting Facts Certified

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